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Unified Facebook and ManyChat Inbox
in progress
As you may know, your Facebook page and ManyChat have their own inboxes and most, if not all of the messages don’t actively sync up. What would be a priority to be put in development is: A massive upgrade to ManyChat, Inbox "Audience/LiveChat" section. Take all the features from FB inbox and have them in LiveChat. The ability to search for Subscribers in LiveChat The ability to find subscribers in LiveChat and start a conversation with them. The ability to Mark conversations as unread, priority, spam, follow-up. The ability to view Facebook profiles from LiveChat/Audience. The ability to Block/Report Spam conversations in ManyChat, preventing that person from engaging with the Chatbot/FB page. The ability to delete a conversation without deleting the user in ManyChat. Create your own folders in LiveChat Have inbox, closed, important, follow up folders. The ability to pull in relevant information about subscribers that appears in FB inbox. Expand out the LiveChat window. Be able to collapse the right side panel of LiveChat. Sort by new to old conversations vice versa. Filter livechat. See who came in from Facebook to Messenger (Tag appropriately) See who came in from Instagram to Messenger (Tag appropriately) See who came in from WhatsApp to Messenger (Tag appropriately) Why is this important? Your platform was designed for communication, yet the way it’s laid out is backwards in concept and execution. Your applications within ManyChat do not communicate with each other. If you care about feedback on your platform and making it great and not just “popular” you would find that this will increase user retention “subs” which means the money printer keeps going. Better user experience from Chatbot builder, to LiveChat agent, to Facebook user. Again, money printer go brrr. A complete unification of Facebook page inbox w/ ManyChat, so that regardless of what inbox you use, you can do pretty much the exact same thing while abiding by TOS/Rules of Engagement. Facebook page inbox displays hugely valuable metadata on the active person. You can see, Facebook profile, location, gender, what ad they opted into, are they a new customer, should I mark conversation for follow up, Are they harassing my page or team? Report them, Block them, Mark as spam. Chatbots in my industry get a bunch of spammers and yet there is only the option to delete them from ManyChat. That doesn't resolve the issue, it's a bad band-aid for a gaping wound. Is this a person worthy of follow up? Star Conversation, create a new tag. Multiple folders instead of Open/Done. Active username search feature instead of LiveChat search which doesn't search for user name at all more for things said in conversation.
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