Our WhatsApp Message Template management functionality gets some essential updates:
  1. You can now delete Message Templates directly from Manychat, which also deletes them from Meta's WhatsApp Manager. Mind that deleting a template removes all its language versions as well. In addition, you can perform bulk delete actions for multiple templates.
  2. You can update Message Templates in Manychat, and the changes will be submitted to Meta for reapproval. Changes to Message Templates made via Manychat are synced with Meta's list.
  3. The interface of the Message Template builder was also updated to help you easily manage several language versions of your message within the scope of a single Message Template.
Please note that while it is possible to sync Message Templates from Meta's WhatsApp Manager to Manychat (except for new language versions of existing templates),
we strongly recommend that you create, update, and delete Message Templates using Manychat exclusively
. This will help you avoid any syncing delays and conflicts, such as missing variables.